Barry Maltland. Lawn Bowler

My concentration over the course of the game has increased. My latent perception of the distance to the jack has improved and as a result my drawing game has made huge strides. My visual concentration has improved and am more visually focused on my target and I no longer catch myself just going through the motions. I’m now VERY aware of where the jack is.






  • juniorboks

    Dawie Theron. Junior Springboks Head Coach

    "EyeGym played a crucial role in the performance of our rugby players during the IRB Junior World Championship.  EyeGym...
  • Mel Reid_SC2

    Mel Reid. Pro Golfer

    "I feel my distance control is much better not just in putting but in my chipping also due to...
  • chemmy_alcott_1293169c

    Chemmy Alcott. Britain’s ex no. 1 Female Skier

    "Since I started training with EyeGym I have noticed dramatic improvements in my skiing. For years I struggled with...
  • JL

    John-Laffnie de Jager. SA Davis Cup Tennis Captain

    "With serves coming at you at over 200km/ph you have to react quickly. In the modern game of Professional...
  • Christian-Lealiifano-Brumbi

    Christian Lealiifano. Brumbies Rugby Player

    "I'm going very well and my kicking has been fantastic. I'm really enjoying training my eyes and noticing the...
  • JP Duminy and Sherylle

    JP Duminy. SA Cricketer

    “EyeyGym is an exceptional, unique eye training system which has helped me tremendously in various facets of my game....
  • IMGP4636

    West Coast Eagles. AFL Team

    “We have been using EyeGym for 2 years with selected players. Our research with decision making has shown really positive...
  • DSC03472

    Eddie Jones. International Rugby Coach

    "Suntory have just won 3 out of a possible 4 trophies after having won 1 trophy in the previous...
  • Sherylle+Calder+PGA+Championship+Final+Round+96DSm4-47pWl

    Ernie Els. 2012 British Open Winner

    "I don’t think I ever doubted her and thank goodness she didn’t doubt me. We were right on track...
  • cwsc

    Sir Clive Woodward. England Rugby World Cup Coach 2003

    "Sherylle has impacted on player’s skills performance improving passing, catching, kicking, accuracy, tackling, concentration and ultimately better decision making."...
  • MattDawson

    Matt Dawson. England Rugby player

    “I only needed one session with Dr Calder to realise that my eye muscles were like any other muscle in...
  • saeed

    Saeed Anwar. Pakistan Cricketer

    “I was battling to pick up and read certain bowlers but following my sessions with Dr Calder, my confidence...
  • davealred

    Dave Alred. Jonny Wilkinson’s Kicking Coach

    ‘‘The work that Sherylle does is probably the most important prerequisite for an international rugby player to train if...
  • _O2N4515

    Jake White. Rugby World Cup Winning Coach 2007

    "Since our squad started using EyeGym and training drills, our accuracy of passing, handling, awareness of space and decision...
  • Bottas

    Valtteri Bottas. F1 Driver

    "My eyes feel good through out a race, everything is clear and sharp and I have plenty of time to react to...
  • nico

    Nico Hulkenberg F1 Driver

    As a race driver it is very important for me to be aware of what’s happening around me at...
  • john-redi

    John Reid. Fencer

    There have been considerable improvements, particularly with my ability to focus upon and track small fast-moving targets. This has...
  • p-dale

    M. P. Dale. Principal Eunice Primary School

    It is truly a remarkable programme with far reaching effects that can be measured statistically. In the sporting arena...
  • rushda

    Rushda Mallick. Golfer

    EyeGym has helped me greatly with sinking putts, especially the long putts and these putts now certainly do have...
  • jj

    JJ Gagiano. Rugby Player

    Eyegym has changed the way I play rugby. My concentration and decision making has improved and allows me to...
  • thomas

    Thomas Rundle. Dakar Racer

    Definitely a huge difference. I was much more alert, responsive, and definitely able to judge distance more accurately. In...
  • morne-dup

    Morne Du Plessis

    Sports people spend an inordinate amount of time training, but until now have virtually ignored the critical area of...
  • ethan

    Ethan Fletcher. Surfer

    We initially entered the program to improve Ethan’s results in Surfing but could see other potential benefits in his...
  • yann-

    Yann Sauve. Vancouver Canucks Ice Hockey player

    I'm more confident with the control of the puck and I can see my players faster, and I make...
  • kevin-foote

    Kevin Foote. Rugby Coach

    The success of UCT at VC is a direct result of hard work, passion and commitment. Sherylle Calder and...
  • max-Dutch-Hockey

    Max Caldas. Dutch Woman Hockey Coach

    We worked with Sherylle for over a year before the Olympic Games. From behind the computer, to visits during...
  • hendricks

    Maurits Hendriks. Chef de Mission Dutch Olympics

    I was unaware of the enormous importance that eye training has in making the player better, until we started...
  • cheyne

    Greg Cheyne. Jockey

    As with most sports it’s ‘split second’ decisions that can win or lose an event. Since working with Sherylle,...
  • Bob Woolmer

    Bob Woolmer. Cricket Coach

    The importance of picking length as a batsman cannot be overestimated. Using the eyes is therefore paramount to the...
  • john-grey-bloem

    Johan Volsteedt. Headmaster Grey College Bloemfontein

    Thank you so much for your contribution to the success of our sportsmen, especially our 1st rugby team. The...
  • simon

    Salmon Taufel. Cricket Umpire

    I subscribe to the theory that eye muscles are like any other muscles in the body – that they...
  • suntory-testimonial

    Suntory Rugby Club. Japan

    We've won the Champion Trophies 3 years running and the only team using EyeGym programs in Japan. We would...

    Bryan Habana. Professional Rugby Player

    If there was one thing I can single out, it was getting back to work with Sherylle Calder. The...
  • jonny2

    Jonny Wilkinson. Professional Rugby Player

    Visual Performance training has added something extra to my game.
  • greg-james

    Greg James. Owner Sagitta Group

    Sherylle has made me aware of the role that Visual Skills Training make in the corporate world. I visually...
  • TimNoakes

    Prof Tim Noakes. Exercise Science Professor

    There are many areas of sports performance in which vision plays a major role. In some sports higher demands...