"Enhanced skill performance of field hockey players following a programme of visual awareness training"


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Sport: Cricket Research.

Calder, SL: Kluka, DA 2009. The efficacy of a Visual Performance training software programme on South African cricketers. Africa Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance 2009. Vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 44-61 The issue of enhancing an already superior visual system in elite athletes has led to several investigations dealing with intervention programmes designed to enhance visual performance. The influence of visual skills enhancement programmes has been investigated (Coffey & Reichow, 1990 ; Calder, 2005 ; Love, Kluka, & Young, 2006 ; Kluka & Love, 2006). Researchers (Kluka & Love, 2006 ; Kluka, Love, Covington, Bristow, & Allison, 2000) have reported that elite athletes, when compared to nonathletes, have superior visual abilities, measured through contrast sensitivity function, peripheral vision, visual reaction time, static visual acuity, eye movements, visual concentration, visual recognition and static / dynamic balance. Practical limitations, however, involves applicability to athletes. Where geographical location is considered, access to such training is a factor. A software programme was developed as an internet-based, self-administered intervention. Accessed through a personal computer with an internet link, the programme was designed to improve athlete's visual abilities and decision making. The aim of this investigation was to determine the efficacy of the visual training software programme on selected cricket players. Thirty cricket players participated. Each player had at least 3 years of cricket playing experience. Participants were divided into 2 groups (E = 15) and (C = 15). Four phases of assessment were involved : (1) Series of preliminary visual assessments to establish testing protocol ; (2) Pre-training programme assessment (pretest) using six different visual skills tests and five different cricket-specific skill tests (baseline data) ; (3) Three-week training programme using the software programme or a placebo; (4) Post training assessment (post test) using 6 visual and 5 cricket-specific tests. All outcome variables were analyzed using a RM-ANOVA (group X time). Where significant interaction (p < 0.05) effects were found, post-hoc analyses were performed (Tukey's HSD). In all tests involving visual skills, E performances showed greater improvement when compared to C performances. The efficacy of the visual training software programme led to significant improvements in the performance of cricketers in almost all visual skills. In contrast, there was minimal to moderate improvement in all tests with the exception of the horizontal and vertical saccades in C. It was confirmed that the visual training software programme is suitable to use in the enhancement of selected visual and sport-specific skills in cricketers.

Academic Research: Pilot Study (On-going)

The affect of a Visual Performance Training Program 1(VPT1) and Visual Performance Training Program 2 (VPT 2) on relational thinking when relationships are formulated in verbal terms.

Research at The Harefield Academy UK October – December 2008 - Sport Science Institute of South Africa A total of 60 students across 3 year groups (Years 8, 9 and 10) were initially selected to take part in this research. Using prior data (CATs scores from Year 7) the students were selected from upper, middle and lower ability categories. In addition, some students were also selected from those identified as:

  • having a sporting talent,
  • special educational needs or
  • emotional and/or behavioural difficulties

The students were required to ‘train’ for a minimum of 3 x 30 minute sessions per week over a period of 6 weeks. Facilities were made available for them to complete this requirement during 3 personalised learning sessions each week.


Of the 60 students on the training programme, 43 students had results for both sets of CATs tests. Thus the results and analysis are based on these 43 students.

The results showed that 72% of student (31 students) improved their CATs raw score total over this 6 week period. For 11.6% (5 students) there was no change in CATs score and for 16.2% (7 students) there was a decline in their CATs score as they did not do the required number of sessions.

Of the 31 students who improved their score, 12 (38.7%) improved their score by a significant 10%


  • juniorboks

    Dawie Theron. Junior Springboks Head Coach

    “EyeGym played a crucial role in the performance of our rugby players during the IRB Junior World Championship.  EyeGym...
  • Mel Reid_SC2

    Mel Reid. Pro Golfer

    “I feel my distance control is much better not just in putting but in my chipping also due to...
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    Chemmy Alcott. Britain’s ex no. 1 Female Skier

    “Since I started training with EyeGym I have noticed dramatic improvements in my skiing. For years I struggled with...
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    John-Laffnie de Jager. SA Davis Cup Tennis Captain

    “With serves coming at you at over 200km/ph you have to react quickly. In the modern game of Professional...
  • Christian-Lealiifano-Brumbi

    Christian Lealiifano. Brumbies Rugby Player

    “I’m going very well and my kicking has been fantastic. I’m really enjoying training my eyes and noticing the...
  • JP Duminy and Sherylle

    JP Duminy. SA Cricketer

    “EyeyGym is an exceptional, unique eye training system which has helped me tremendously in various facets of my game....
  • IMGP4636

    West Coast Eagles. AFL Team

    “We have been using EyeGym for 2 years with selected players. Our research with decision making has shown really positive...
  • DSC03472

    Eddie Jones. International Rugby Coach

    “Suntory have just won 3 out of a possible 4 trophies after having won 1 trophy in the previous...
  • Sherylle+Calder+PGA+Championship+Final+Round+96DSm4-47pWl

    Ernie Els. 2012 British Open Winner

    “I don’t think I ever doubted her and thank goodness she didn’t doubt me. We were right on track...
  • cwsc

    Sir Clive Woodward. England Rugby World Cup Coach 2003

    “Sherylle has impacted on player’s skills performance improving passing, catching, kicking, accuracy, tackling, concentration and ultimately better decision making.”
  • MattDawson

    Matt Dawson. England Rugby player

    “I only needed one session with Dr Calder to realise that my eye muscles were like any other muscle in...
  • saeed

    Saeed Anwar. Pakistan Cricketer

    “I was battling to pick up and read certain bowlers but following my sessions with Dr Calder, my confidence...
  • davealred

    Dave Alred. Jonny Wilkinson’s Kicking Coach

    ‘‘The work that Sherylle does is probably the most important prerequisite for an international rugby player to train if...
  • _O2N4515

    Jake White. Rugby World Cup Winning Coach 2007

    “Since our squad started using EyeGym and training drills, our accuracy of passing, handling, awareness of space and decision...
  • Bottas

    Valtteri Bottas. F1 Driver

    “My eyes feel good through out a race, everything is clear and sharp and I have plenty of time to react to...
  • nico

    Nico Hulkenberg F1 Driver

    As a race driver it is very important for me to be aware of what’s happening around me at...
  • john-redi

    John Reid. Fencer

    There have been considerable improvements, particularly with my ability to focus upon and track small fast-moving targets. This has...
  • p-dale

    M. P. Dale. Principal Eunice Primary School

    It is truly a remarkable programme with far reaching effects that can be measured statistically. In the sporting arena...
  • rushda

    Rushda Mallick. Golfer

    EyeGym has helped me greatly with sinking putts, especially the long putts and these putts now certainly do have...
  • jj

    JJ Gagiano. Rugby Player

    Eyegym has changed the way I play rugby. My concentration and decision making has improved and allows me to...
  • barry-mait

    Barry Maltland. Lawn Bowler

    My concentration over the course of the game has increased. My latent perception of the distance to the jack...
  • thomas

    Thomas Rundle. Dakar Racer

    Definitely a huge difference. I was much more alert, responsive, and definitely able to judge distance more accurately. In...
  • morne-dup

    Morne Du Plessis

    Sports people spend an inordinate amount of time training, but until now have virtually ignored the critical area of...
  • ethan

    Ethan Fletcher. Surfer

    We initially entered the program to improve Ethan’s results in Surfing but could see other potential benefits in his...
  • yann-

    Yann Sauve. Vancouver Canucks Ice Hockey player

    I’m more confident with the control of the puck and I can see my players faster, and I make...
  • kevin-foote

    Kevin Foote. Rugby Coach

    The success of UCT at VC is a direct result of hard work, passion and commitment. Sherylle Calder and...
  • max-Dutch-Hockey

    Max Caldas. Dutch Woman Hockey Coach

    We worked with Sherylle for over a year before the Olympic Games. From behind the computer, to visits during...
  • hendricks

    Maurits Hendriks. Chef de Mission Dutch Olympics

    I was unaware of the enormous importance that eye training has in making the player better, until we started...
  • cheyne

    Greg Cheyne. Jockey

    As with most sports it’s ‘split second’ decisions that can win or lose an event. Since working with Sherylle,...
  • Bob Woolmer

    Bob Woolmer. Cricket Coach

    The importance of picking length as a batsman cannot be overestimated. Using the eyes is therefore paramount to the...
  • john-grey-bloem

    Johan Volsteedt. Headmaster Grey College Bloemfontein

    Thank you so much for your contribution to the success of our sportsmen, especially our 1st rugby team. The...
  • simon

    Salmon Taufel. Cricket Umpire

    I subscribe to the theory that eye muscles are like any other muscles in the body – that they...
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    We’ve won the Champion Trophies 3 years running and the only team using EyeGym programs in Japan. We would...

    Bryan Habana. Professional Rugby Player

    If there was one thing I can single out, it was getting back to work with Sherylle Calder. The...
  • jonny2

    Jonny Wilkinson. Professional Rugby Player

    Visual Performance training has added something extra to my game.
  • greg-james

    Greg James. Owner Sagitta Group

    Sherylle has made me aware of the role that Visual Skills Training make in the corporate world. I visually...
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