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Every person has muscles in each eye that can be trained and improved. The process skills can also be improved, and response skills of eye-hand, foot and body co-ordination can be enhanced. When players see more, they can assess the situation much quicker, therefore exercising their options, and ultimately making better decisions. It must be noted that 80-90% of decisions made in sport are based upon visual information!
Developing visual skills includes learning to use both eyes together effectively. Having both eyes move, align and focus as a team enhances your ability to interpret and understand the potential visual information that is available to you.
Initially, before you process information, you’ve got to get input and that input would involve judging where the ball is, in space, to be able to respond accurately. Once you see it correctly you can then process that information. So you can train the input skill and you can improve the processing skill and can also improve the response.
Johnny Wilkinson says it gives him more time to make better decisions. All he needed was to improve his visual skills. (Health24 04/11/2005)
Most people are born with the potential for good eyesight but vision, the ability to identify, interpret and understand what is seen, can be trained and improved.

Over the years, Dr Calder has worked with our country’s top sportsmen and women, amongst others:

  • The Protea Cricket Team/Provincial Teams
  • The South African Hockey, Netball, Baseball, Taekwando, Shooting, Clay Pigeon,
  • Soccer, Volleyball, Canoeing Teams
  • NOCSA Olympic Squad 2000
  • Stormers & Bulls Super 12 Rugby
  • Davis Cup Tennis players
  • AJAX Cape Town
  • SA A1 Motor Racers
  • Cape Cobra’s Cricket
  • SA Surfing
  • SA Women’s Golf
  • Varsity Cup, Ikeys
  • Raise Your Game – Mpumalanga Hockey
  • KZN Women’s Golf
  • Lions Rugby
  • SA 7′s Rugby
  • Jake White’s Winning Way

Dr Calder is well known abroad and has attended various International Symposiums and Scientific conventions all over the world, in many cases appearing as a keynote speaker. She has presented at various Sports Vision International Conferences and also attended various educational conferences and has lectured internationally on the various aspects of vision performance training and enhancement. She brings a unique perspective to the field of visual motor performance, blending her knowledge of being an athlete, a coach and a clinician.
She also served on the Sydney Olympics Sports Science panel, delivered seminars in Spain, the United States, Pakistan, England, Ireland and Scotland.

International teams Dr Calder has worked with,
amongst others are:

  • Italian PRADA Americas Cup Yachting Team
  • The Pakistan Cricket Team
  • The Surrey Cricket Team
  • Kenya/Holland/Canada/Namibia Cricket
  • 2003 World Cup Australian Cricket Team
  • 2003 England World Cup Rugby winners
  • All Black Rugby
  • Spanish Men’s Hockey
  • Belgium Men’s Hockey
  • England Men’s Hockey
  • England Cricket
  • Southampton Football 2005/6 UK
  • Wigan Football 2006 UK
  • GB Winter Olympic athletes 2005/2006
  • Scotland Commonwealth athletes 2006
  • Top 10 ICC Cricket Umpires Dubai 2006
  • Springboks 2005 -2007
  • SA Netball 2007
  • British Olympic Association for 2008
  • Great Britain Commonwealth Golf Team
  • Monaco Football Club
  • West Coast Eagles AFL
  • Tottenham Soccer Academy
  • Surrey County Cricket
  • F1 Team
  • Vancouver Canucks Ice Hockey
  • AFL – Aussie Rules
  • SA Davis Cup Tennis
  • ICC Cricket
  • Springbok 7′s
  • National Sailing 470
  • National Beach Volleyball
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